About Us

Our Aspiration

We believe that children are born to be an adventurer and excavator of life. Through play based learning, children can freely thrive to their full potential of growth. With the accompaniment of parents, children may have a healthier development.

To be the leading of inspired education is our mission. Concepts of edutainment and family learning focus in children’s museums are well-established and promoted overseas. Children and adults are provided a space to learn with their hands and explore with their mind. Thus, light up our vision to bring this leading edutainment concept to our country.

After years of preparation, we begin our project. We assimilated the souls of children's museum in America, Germany, England, France, Holland, Swiss, Japan, and Taiwan, combined with our SMARED value, we run the project. 

Aiming to create extraordinary learning experiences across the science, blocks, dinosaurs, automobile, railway, music and humanities, transform the arts of SMAERD and share to every child and families. Trigger our nations learn through edutainment, excavate and grow!

Inspiring Family Play Project

To play, to learn and to skill up, in an inspiring play-powered complex museum, is the biggest gift for our children, of course also the adults!

Through edutainment, we set our mind at a space of freedom to explore our interests, knowledge, skills, thinking, and relax. In this SMAERD land, which covered with interactive museums, exhibits and courses, children and families are provided an open-ended and free-explored space to discover.

Railway Club, the first SMAERD land theme museum, which inlet over 1800 train models and mini landscaping devices from well-known model manufactures worldwide, including Roco, Viessmann, Brawa, Noch, Heki, Herpa, Faller, Schuco, Gleis 11, Preiser from Germany, Jagerndorfer GmbH from Austria, Ginza Tenshodo from Japan... And design with the view of worldwide.

Come on, let's take a train, have an intact view of railway and mini world!

For the other 7 theme museums, come and explore yourself in this edutainment fun land!

Our Vision

To create extraordinary learning space and platform for children and families, in fun, happiness and transformation.

SMAERD land, a combination of 8 theme museums in 30,000 square meters facility, is the largest indoor children’s museum in China. Our museum includes Dino Lab, Blocks Kingdom, Railway Club, Automobile Club, STEM Lab, Musical Museum, Dream World, and Mecha Collection.

Aside with the traditional museum which can only probe by eyes and ears, we integrate interactive experiences and multimedia shows. Fulfill the ecological and universal studio with edutainment courses, such as eco, science, crafts, and nutrition courses. Setting up a safe environment for children to learn, to seek, to create with their innate curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Welcome to SMAERD land, the place to explore yourself and create your dream!

SMAERD land by Numbers

• 3,000 daily attendance

• 30,000-square-meter indoor museum
• 3 floors of fun for the whole families
• 8 theme museums
• 6 edutainment courses
• 200 full-time and part-time employees
• 300 active volunteers
• CNY 1.5 billion investment