Hold a unforgotable BIRTHDAY Party at SMAERD land. We are pretty sure you will have a nice memory.

Birthday Party Set

● Birthday theme decor layout.

o Girls: Dream Blocks theme, Pinky Dolls theme, Elegant Music theme 

o Boys: Domineering Dinosaur theme, Race Car theme, Mecha theme

● Birthday food set (include main dish, drinks, snacks and desserts).

o American style dishes: Fries, fried chicken wings, sausages

o Western style dishes: Salads, steaks, soups

o Exquisite desserts

o Nutritious fruit plate and juices

o Light dishes: Hamburgers and sandwiches

o For catering services, call 0755-28910897.

Dedicated service staff.

Head you to the main and fun points of our SMAERD land. Parents would have a rest time while kids have fun.

● SMAERD puppet interation.

o Our SMAERD puppet and performances group hold a birthday song short performance with you.

o Sing and dance with us, enjoy the stage.

o Play your growing stages video for memories.

o Receive a mysterious gift from us.

● Birthday mystery present.

o Get a exclusive memorial T-shirt.

o Get a limited gift.

● SMAERD birthday cake.

o Custom- designed birthday cake will be changed extra.

● Commodity with 10% off.

● Enjoy ALL-pass in SMAERD land (You can bring along a friend/parent).

● Free gaming.

o Get 1 free ride at memory ride (at the Railway Club).

o Get 1 free chance gaming at the retro game  (at the Railway Club).

o Get 1 free dinosaur egg.

Terms of Condition

● Venue and event arrangements will be arranged according to the actual situation.

Party reservations should not be less than 20 individuals (If under 20 person, we consider as 20).

Number of people exceeding 20, additional fees will be charged.

● Book your birthday party before 15 days or more.

● Confirm your booking with us before 7 days.

● Booking fees are 50% of total.

● Cancelling before 10 days (include the 10th day), we will deduct 50% of the deposit.

Cancelling less than 10 days, we will deduct 100% of the deposit.

● Final payment must be paid on the day of booking (50% of total fees).

The final interpretation right belongs to the "Smaerd land Museum" in Shenzhen, China.