Visit Tips

Welcome to SMAERD land! The biggest educative explorer theme museum! 

This is the 3 floors of fun for the whole family. We encourage kids to empower themselves to explore everything in the museum, and also parents to caring and support their kids throughout the process. We do welcome kindergarten, schools, college, university, education center, and education related organization to cooperate with us.

To make your experience perfect, here are some tips for you!


Tip 1: Youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Take care of kids' safety.

Tip 2: Keep clean and sanitation. Respect all visitors.

Tip 3: All religion and political activities are strictly inadmissible. 

Tip 4: Alcohol and smoke are not allowed. Clean water is supplied at the food court area on the 3rd floor.

Tip 5: Dress comfortably to feel free in the exploration. Some areas, socks are needed to enter. Some activities maybe wet or colored, kindly remind to bring cloth for changing.

Tip 6: Keep your property in your sight. Storage is provided, if you needed. Luggage over 39cm x 41cm x 49cm, are not allowed to enter.

Tip 7: Take care of public goods. If you find something wrong or damage, please contact our staff member.

Tip 8: Information and photo on our official website, WeChat public account and SMAERD land museum, are all right reserved. For non-commercial usage, please obtain the consent of SMAERD land. For non-approved non-commercial usage and commercial usage, are strictly forbidden.

Tip 9: Photography and video taken by SMAERD land are all rights. No profit usage, at least you are approved.

Tip 10: We have right to publish school or organization that visited us.

Tip 11: Visitor with colds or respiration discomfort, please wear mask throughout. Body temperature screening above 37.5 °C or shown serious respiration infection, you may not allow to enter the museum.

Tip 12: We have rights to adjusting opening hours, amending rules, controlling the number of visitors, suspending or canceling activities, based on bad weather or the saturated visitors' number.

5 NOs

#1: No alcohol, smoke and weapon.

#2: No pets or animals are allowed. In addition to guide dogs.

#3: No trolleys and devices with rim (skateboards, scooters, roller shoes, etc.). Baby strollers, wheelchairs are available.

#4: No selfie stick, tripod, remote flight device, folding chair and stool.

#5: No selling, promote any item or service. No activities, speech, public gathering.

Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement (for details, please refer to our website).

If there is any dispute, SMAERD land have all right at the final decision.

These tips (rules) are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.