Immerse yourself in this unrivalled automobile splendor.

Automobile, the dream of every boy and man.

Automobile Era Tour

Look back through the ages of cars. In 1885, the first automobile, Benz Patent-Motorwagen is made in Germany. And it started the development of automobiles. On the interactive wall, we show you the history and story of each progression states of the car. Trough the car models, you will find the interesting parts of the cars, “growing up” magically in science and technology.

• Enjoy the era tour with your eyes, ears and mind.




Be a Racer

Racing from the base to the professional. Now, start your engines, enjoy your own driving speed and race with others! Experience the deep feeling, motivating, and stimulating racing. You may put on the headset as well, enjoy the engine sound feast, broaden your knowledge of cars and racing.

• Freeing yourself, race like no one else!


Automobile Designer

Be a “WOW” designer of your dream car! First, learn how automobiles work. Experience the process of automobiles in industrial. Now, show up your super ultimate creativity and unrivalled ideas of automobile.

• Design your own super dream cars.

The Automobile Lab

This is the automobile laboratory. We guess, you are curious about the science and technology back the mysterious cars! Here, we show you the principle of it! Out of the books, we demonstrate via animation interaction with entity model. 

• Come on, the Audi R8 is here waiting for you to explore!

Speedy World

Explore yourself in the speedy world, the racing culture. Immersed yourself to the racing scenario and spot for the winner! On the floor, we exhibit awesome cars and tell you their legendary stories.

• Join in the race and race for life!

Fireman Space

A real scene simulating platform of fireman for children to role play. Children can dress up like the fireman, experience extinguishing “fire” and sliding from 2nd floor to the ground. Experience the life and professionalism of fireman.

• Act as a fireman and take a photo!