Train / MRT
Metro Line 10, Shanglilang Station, Exit A
Kindly Reminder
Metro operation time: 6:20-23:00

Buses to SMAERD Land.

• Wan Guo Shi Pin Cheng Bus Main Station: 882, e17, m192,m227, m301, m329, m346, m402, m404, Peak line 124

• Jin Ji Jia Ke Ke Ji Yuan Bus Station: 322, 398, m227,m300, m311

Off the station:

Wan Guo Shi Pin Cheng Final Station: Walk distances around 3 minutes

Jin Ji Jia Ke Ji Yuan: Walk distances around 8 minutes

The information above is for reference only. For the actual operating hours, line and site, please check it online on official website or call the relevant bus operation company.

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