Welcome to the world of music.

Music is the language of universe and the nature. When speech is integrated with scenario, we can render our emotions through tempo, pitch, and rhythm. As cultures shared this property, music shows its power of fully understanding among the universe, making it the universal language of mankind.

The Symphony Musical

The world is full of music, and one of the greatest is the symphony. It is a large ensemble of Western classical music, typically consists of four groups of musical instruments, including woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings, plays the symphonic, which are grand.

The Musical Instruments

Here, we gather over 150+ eastern and western musical instruments, including both eastern and western instruments. Sharing each of its background, traits, sound... to you. Our museum highlights the musicians’ presentation by exhibiting along their instruments, provide you the perfect way of exposing its sound, style and era.

Come on, find out which is suitable for you. Pick it up as your interest, start your music life!

A Delight to Ears

Calm down, close your eyes and listen to the music. Let the music flow into you, wash your souls and wake you up with a brand-new life.

Come, stand up and move on!