Our STEM Lab is built to feed our young scientific explorers!

The place which full of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, allowed our children to explore and master useful skills in fun learning environment.

STEM Learning

A great way to inspire our children to think in playing, to play for development. We included 100+ kinds of STEM-based interactive exhibits, giving them a good way of self-learning and family-learning. All ages are surprisingly adept and enjoy at STEM activities. While building an environment for kids to learn, we adults can also have fun during the process. It’s such a good family activity!

From Science to Life

Life is all about the science! And technology, math, engineering, and art are none left behind! Knowing the science is not enough, making it into our life is more important. Kids are born with high creativity, curiosity and imagination. STEM-learning allowed them to play through learning, which makes them more likely to be spontaneous learning, not forcing them to memorize a list of facts. While also bringing feild scene investigations into the real world, fulfilling their future careers.

Things to do in STEM Lab

• View with your eyes.

• Touch with your hands.

• Think with your mind.

• Listen with your ears.

Most importantly, inspiring using your creativity, curiosity and imagination!