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We offer an extraordinary place to work. From dancer to visitor service assistants, from exhibitors to member staff, we hire people with all kinds of skills and talents. Come, show your value and profession!

Partnerships help us to grow stronger and bigger, providing an extraordinary edutainment exploration to the whole family!


SMAERD land, a combination of 8 theme museums in 30,000 square meters facility, is the largest indoor children museum in China. Our museum includes Dino Lab, Blocks Kingdom, Railway Club, Automobile Club, STEM Lab, Musical Museum, Dream World, and Mecha Collection. We combined interactive experiencing technology in our program and exhibition, making here an education in entertainment place. Setting up a safe environment for children to learn, to seek, to create with their innate curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Inspiring Family Play Project

To play, to learn and to skill up, in an inspiring play-powered complex museum, is the biggest gift for our children, of course also the adults!Through edutainment, we set our mind at a space of freedom to explore our interests, knowledge, skills, thinking, and relax. In this SMAERD land, which covered with interactive museums, exhibits and courses, children and families are provided an open-ended and free-explored space to discover.

Marketing cooperation

• Franchise

SMAERD land dedicated to develop an interactive experiencing technology in our program and exhibition, to make an inspiring family play project for all age visitor, also for the third-party cooperation.

• Distribution

We have store at the 3rd floor. Selected quality and educative products are being sold for a better learning for kids.

• Education

We commit to make SMAERD land a place for kids and adults (especially 5-50 years) to explore their interests, knowledge, skills, and thinking. Here, we invite all educational units, from kindergarten to university, from government organization to private institution, to build up a partnership with us. Create a better learning environment for our next generation.

• Self-media

SMAERD land actively promote communication platform online, such as WeChat, TikTok, Weibo, Little Red Book and etc. We welcome all quality media platform to cooperate with us.

Market collaboration

• Advertising cooperation

We vigorously develop a good advertising in market. Hopefully have a win-win cooperating situation with you as a partnership.

• Content cooperation

SMAERD land always aimed to explore talents in all career. We welcome all category professional to collegiality with us.

• Activities cooperation

We have all sort of activities, like dancing, acting, workshops, lector and more. Welcome to our big family.

IP Cooperation

• Distribution cooperation

• Authorized cooperation

• Co-production

• Marketing

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