Welcome to the Mecha world.

Mecha, is メカ (meka) in Japanese, means “mechanical”. It refers to both scientific ideas and science fiction genres, that set at the center of giant mechs or robots, which typically depicted as humanoid mobile robots. They are a combination of all mechanical objects, including the guns, cars, computer and others.

Mecha Dream Collection

Mecha have been used in fantasy settings. Surely, mechs are different from robots, they are piloted for a greater mission. The cockpit which usually located in the chest or head of mech, is where the pilot is.

Stories, like saving the world from evils, aiding the weaker one, maintaining the peaceful earth... All are the representative works of mecha. They also involve in civilian purposes, such as firefighting, transporting... All they have done, and all of their purpose “living” is to give a promise for human’s greater life.

• Over 2000+ mechs in half a century, for you to seek and explore! See how they have been developed.

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