Jobs Opening

What makes SMAERD land extraordinary? SMAERD team does!

Museum department

Box Office

Box Office staff are the front-line person who welcome around 3,000 visitors every day. Box Office staff provide high-quality and cordial service to visitors, also, workshops purchases and visit planning seven days a week.

Visitor Service

Visitor Service staff greets and provide help for around 3,000 visitors per day. You can see them over the theme museums, providing visitors a good and smooth experience.

Show performance

This is an energetic and vigorous team. Performers are professional at bringing joy and dynamic atmosphere to visitors. 

Hotline Center

The Hotline Center is seven days on. Hotline Center staff handle a variety of tasks over the phone and internet, including resolving tickets purchase, registering school groups, answering questions about SMAERD land, and connecting callers to the right sources.

Education workshops

Our workshops included science, craft, nutrition, bio-eco, and shirt printing courses are programmed as edutainment. These are designed for kids, parents, families, couples, school groups, university groups and more by professional trained educators.


Our marketing team is responsible to spread out our wonderful SMAERD land stories to the world. We include the advertising and communications, social media, public, branding and more to share our SMAERD mission to people.


Selected quality and edutaintive learning gifts and toys for kids and families, are our responsible to do so. We are pretty sure parents will be satisfied and keep learning for long times.

Volunteers and Interns

Volunteers and Interns team are a strong team for upgrading SMAERD land a better place for all age visitors. We manage to build up a team with young spirit, giving a place for college undergraduate and graduate interns year-round.