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Time:2019-11-26   Author:Smaerdy

SMAERD land, a combination of 8 theme museums in 30,000 square meters facility, is the largest indoor children’s museum in China. Our museum includes Dino Lab, Blocks Kingdom, Railway Club, Automobile Club, STEM Lab, Musical Museum, Dream World, and Mecha Collection.

Through edutainment, we set our mind at a space of freedom to explore our interests, knowledge, skills, thinking, and relax. In this SMAERD land, which covered with interactive museums, exhibits and courses, children and families are provided an open-ended and free-explored space to discover.

Here, we welcome all kinds of professionla from all career. Together we grow, together we build up our dream!

If you are ready to put your passions to good use, we would like to say, "Welcome to this SMAERD big family"!

A platform for you and us to fulfill our dream!

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