VR Base Defence
Discover a VR experience in a dinosaurs base defense virtual world.
4 person / batch, 2 batches / time
Free with Smaerdland admission, reservation required.

"Alert! Alert!"

"Red alarm on!"

"Be attention!"

The dinosaurs escaped from the DINO Lab, all human are in danger! Pick up your weapon, fight over them with your combat teammates! 

• ROUND 1: Dinosaues excaped, destroyed and ruined everythings on earth! 

[Mission] Please control the situation and avoid spread out.

• ROUND 2: Dinosaurs do know masquerade!

[Mission] Be alert and careful! Don't get attacked.

• ROUND 3: They are hard to defense, yet you only have one choice!.

[Mission] Combat with your teammates, fight them together!

Free with SMAERD land admission, reservation required.