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SMAERD land, a combination of 8 theme museums in 30,000 square meters facility, is the largest indoor children’s museum in China. Our museum includes Dino Lab, Blocks Kingdom, Railway Club, Automobile Club, STEM Lab, Musical Museum, Dream World, and Mecha Collection. Also, we have science, craft, maker workshop and nutrition talk for all ages.


 Dream World 

The 1st theme of SMAERD land. A place with romance, dreamy and fashion. Enjoy this pinky park, selfie and share to your friends.

Key points:

Life teaching from dolls

Pinky ball pool

Dream world IP & diamond Ferrari

Key projects: Dolls exhibition area, fashion T stage, pinky ball pool, diamond Ferrari, flying horse, high heels...

Distinguishing features: Pinky, shinny, fashion, romance

Recommendation: Pinky, shinny, dreamy lovers

 Automobile Club 

Immerse yourself in this unrivalled automobile splendor. Explore yourself in the speedy world, the racing culture.

Key points:

• Speedy world

• Automobile designer

• Be a racer

Key projects: Speedy world, fireman space, automobile designer, automobile era tour, be a racer, the automobile lab...

Distinguishing features: Fast and furious, dynamic, creative, technologist

Recommendation: All ages, especially male

 Dino Lab 

Walk into their world, the DINO world! Experience the unusual environment, shocking footprint... Come and challenge the dinosaur's resurrection mission!

Key points:

• Dinosaur fossil excavation site

• Prehistoric aquarium

• VR base invaders

• Race with dino

Key projects: DINO incubation center, prehistoric aquarium, dino intimate interaction, VR base invaders, archaeological campsite...

Distinguishing features: Bravery, challenging, stimulating

Recommendation: All ages, families, friends, couples, dino lover


 Railway Club 

Head on to the journey of "mini" Taiwan with a ride. A grant collection from worldwide with different decade and landscapes, for you to explore.

Key points:

• Mini train ride

• Taiwan old scene

• Railway models

• Engineer experience space

Key projects: Memory ride, magical railway station, HO railway exhibition, mini train world, interaction edutainment space...

Distinguishing features: Historical, culturation, experiencing

Recommendation: All ages

 Musical Museum 

Music is the language of universe and the nature. When speech is integrated with scenario, we can render our emotions through tempo, pitch, and rhythm. As cultures shared this property, music shows its power of fully understanding among the universe, making it the universal language of mankind.

Key points:

• Symphonic hall

• A delight to ears

Key projects: The symphony musical, the musical instruments, symphonic hall...

Distinguishing features: Artistical, musical, spiritual

Recommendation: All ages

 Mecha Collection 

Mecha have been used in fantasy settings. Surely, mechs are different from robots, they are piloted for a greater mission. The cockpit which usually located in the chest or head of mech, is where the pilot is.

Key points:

• VR mechs versus war

• Mechs collection

Key projects: Mechs collection, VR mechs experience...

Distinguishing features: Child dream, youth resonance

Recommendation: All ages, mechs fans


 Blocks Kingdom 

Discover the surprising visual shock and exploring tactile inspiration of blocks. A good choice for your family to have an ultimate short break experience.

Key points:

The blocks paradise

Fantasy world

• 1:1 blocks street

Ninja challenge zone

Key projects: The blocks paradise, the blocks street, windows of the world, sci-fi zone, the animal world...

Distinguishing features: Blocks kingdom

Recommendation: All ages

 STEM Lab 

A great way to inspire our children to think in playing, to play for development. We included 100+ kinds of STEM-based interactive exhibits, giving them a good way of self-learning and family-learning.

Key points:

• 100+ STEM zone

Key projects: STEM works...

Distinguishing features: Full of science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Recommendation: All ages

 The "MEM" Workshops 

#1 Master workshop

Designed science and craft courses for kids and family. Also, nutrition talks for all ages, caring your health.

#2 ECO.BIO lab

Animals, plants, ore... are exhibited. We have free short talk every hour.

#3 Maker workshop

DIY your own special cloth!

Distinguishing features: DIY (Do it yourself) and exploration

Recommendation: All ages, kids, family, couples, friends

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